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SMLPoints 地瓜大的飛翔旅程

SMLPoints 地瓜大的飛翔旅程

1 Episodes By Andy Lien smlpoints.com
I am a Traveller, content creator and tutors. When I am studying in the U.K. now, here is the place for sharing ideas and something new in my life. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/smlpoints/support
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SMLPoints 地瓜大的飛翔旅程
SMLPoints 地瓜大的飛翔旅程
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EP001 - 與神職人員談天說地
英國留學記錄 - 預計每週不定期更新 除了訓練自己不要忘記中文外,也回想週五下午和神職人員的一小時談天說... more
Mar 8 2019 29m
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