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SG4Y'S ModCast!

SG4Y'S ModCast!

1 Episodes By Mehmet Demir, Sharpgamers4you www.sharpgamers4you.com
This show is all about gaming however, we're not stopping there!We take it to another level by explaining and talking about developing from "A" to "Z"!You'll be entertained and learn about scripting, general moddingdeveloping apps, games, maps, mods, etc..Do you like videogames? Well what if we told ...more
Visual Arts How To Games
SG4Y'S ModCast!
SG4Y'S ModCast!
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Getting Sued By Activision And More!
In this episode me and the team decided to talk abou... more
Feb 6 2020 2h 20m
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