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40rk36 70n9u3

40rk36 70n9u3

1 Episodes By 4ork3D 70n9u3 anchor.fm/4ork3d-70n9u3
An intro to The Hell Priest XVL as a 45 year old Disabled Veteran who has an opinion and is an Editor for both The Adversarialist and Metal Inferno. Along with Grim and Citizen C we will be bringing all kinds of white noise. Enjoy. Submit your work. Subscribe. Thanks you are appreciated.
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40rk36 70n9u3
40rk36 70n9u3
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9rin6in9 Ears is an Intro Podcast to The Hell Priest XVL and 40rk36 70n9u3 and Metal Inferno
As a 45 year old Disabled Veteran I am an opinionate... more
Oct 20 2019 8m
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